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Welcome to James Bullen Designs Wall Art

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Trompe L'Oeil
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The Designs have been applied to a wide range of Printed Interior and Fashion Accessories which compliment the virtual textures and have a striking use of colour, shape and form .

A range of Wall Art is now available on demand with his images .

 Delicate use of floral patterns fuse with the metallic Trompe L'Oeil images to create stunning unique Canvas , Perspex and framed Wall Art.

The Wall Art has a very unique style and enriches the mood of any Interior both residential or commercial.

James undertakes commissioned work to specification and has worked with companies like Meryril Lynch,Formica,Homebase , Cactus TV , and worked with Interior Designers Worldwide on a variety of Projects.

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James Bullen Designs include wall art that promote delicate floral patterns fused with metallic Trompe L'Oeil images to create stunning unique Canvas and Perspex wall art.